Today, here is abrief information on using visualization in organizing a conference or congress. Floor plans of the selected venue primarily include the ability to accurately plan the placement of individual program elements in specific rooms and areas. When planning an event, you can carefully check what, where, and how it will fit and where to place it. Executive plans are created and given to subcontractors (e.g., exhibition stand constructor, poster sessions set-up, and catering equipment) to set specific tasks to be carried out at the stage of assembly works. Good, dimensioned plans with 3D visualization give the ability to plan an event remotely, saving the time and resources necessary for personal visits to the facility each time the idea of setting up stands, chairs, buffets, etc. changes. They also make it possible to present the adopted layout solutions to our foreign partners at a distance. Properly designed graphics are an essential complement to the offer for sponsors. They can see what, where, and in what form sponsorship packages offer. It has long been known that a picture is worth more than 1000 words! Therefore, in Nobell Congressing, an inherent element of event planning from the logistics side is the preparation of detailed, dimensioned floor plans with their visualization in 3D form.

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