About us

Briefly about how we operate

We are involved in ambitious scientific projects.

We create suitable conditions for exchanging of knowledge and scientific achievements through efficient and effective organization. We use a mix of technology and experience.

Thanks to the constant search for new solutions, we have created a set of tools that, combined with the acquired experience, guarantee efficient holding of a large congress, and the time required for implementation has been reduced to a minimum. Just a few days after the first contact, you will receive a preliminary concept of implementation along with their production cost.


What we do

It would probably be easier to write down what we do not do when planning and organizing scientific events, but template thinking dictates that at least some of them be mentioned.


You can easily avoid chaos if you plan the event from A to Zin in advance. While some of the work can be done by yourself, it is worth asking for the help of professionals when choosing the place itself and adjusting the individual elements to the initial organizational assumptions.

Określenie struktury konferencji

Budget planning

Choosing an event venue

Determining the structure of the conference

Online service

The conference should offer participants a comprehensive and effective platform where they will find all the necessary information regarding the course of the conference and registration.

Event website

Registration forms

Abstract Handling System

Social Media

Secretariat of the Conference

The website or online forms are just the beginning. It needs to be handled somehow. This is done by the conference secretariat, who communicates with the participants at many stages of the event preparation.

Support for the registration process

Obsługa zgłaszania sesji / paneli i przesyłania abstraktów

Payment support

Newsletter, mailings

Current Correspondence

Hybrid form

The“remote” participant of the event is as valuable as the “stationary” one. For some, it will be watching the broadcast; for others, it will be a fully interactive form allowing two-way communication.

Online platform

Multimedia support (cameras, sound, light)

Technical support of participants

It is worth remembering

There are also services that we think less about and are worth remembering. In the minds of the participants, they often stay longer. One of them is catering. Cold coffee or a malfunctioning microphone? Don't risk it:)



Graphic projects

Reception service

Exhibition and Sponsor Support

Social Media


Here, we leave a space empty for the services that your project will require and which we did not come across to list them. Do not worry! There are many of them with every project, which will be taken care of.

Step by step...

How we operate

... we will guide you through the conference organization process using proven solutions


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